Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - Girls actress Lena Dunham has taken to to stand up for victims of sexual abuse after Woody Allen 's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow repeated unproven allegations he molested her as a child.

Farrow, who was adopted by director Allen and his now ex-wife Mia Farrow during their doomed marriage, wrote a piece published online over the weekend in which she reiterated the claims she made about her father during the couple's custody battle in 1992.

Dunham took it as an opportunity to discuss sexual abuse with her Twitter followers, writing, "In (the) wake of Dylan's letter I've noticed a lot of guys obsessed with the idea of being falsely accused as if you would just be walking down the street one day, get accused of assault or sexual misconduct, and suddenly life would derail.

"Though there have, of course, been plenty of terrible and unjust cases in the past, remember... Most victims NEVER speak up. Most never feel they can. These are not stories we tell for fun, attention or revenge."

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