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Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - Jessica Chastain is planning a peaceful start to her Oscars day later this month (24Feb13) by taking a zen moment to thank her good fortune with candles and new age music.

While many nominees will be frantically making last minute dress alterations and getting ready for the big night, the Zero Dark Thirty star hopes to

have all that covered, so she can just relax with family and friends.

She explains, "Just to have the morning off will be zen for me. The morning of the Oscars I'll be surrounded by my friends and family and have a nice breakfast with some calming music with candles. Something really relaxing

and celebratory.

"It starts to feel like a race this time of year. Acting is very different than playing tennis. You don't put two people in a room and we match it out. For me, I feel like I've already won, so I never want to lose sight of what I feel right now being in this business and being nominated. That's important to focus on."

And The Help star already has a perfect dress in mind for the red carpet:

"Most little girls dream about their wedding dresses but I always dreamed about my Oscar dress... I'll probably go for something that is perhaps colourful. I love fashion that celebrates a woman's body, that maybe is a throwback to the glamour of old Hollywood; that silhouette but somehow making it


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