y name is Mike Spinner. I've been riding BMX since I was 10 years old, and it's something I seriously love to do. When I was around 13 years old I started working like crazy so I could buy BMX parts, and as the years went on I only wanted to ride more. When I was 16, my mom passed away--she was the closest person in the world to me. From then on I had two things to take care of: graduate high school and ride my bike.

When I was 18, I went to Woodward Camp, and that's where it all started coming together. Riding with the best riders in the world and having them support me pushed me harder than ever. I had won an event called the Free Flow tour in Florida, which gave me a chance to compete and score a spot on the Dew Tour. I got picked up by some amazing sponsors, made some amazing friends, and I'm very lucky to be living my dream.



  1. 2010 1st Place Dew Tour - Chicago's Nike 6.0 BMX Open
  1. 2008 2nd Place Overall Dew Tour
  2. 2008 1st Place BMX Games Australia
  3. 2008 2nd Place Fise In France
  4. 2008 3rd Place Baltimore Dew Tour
  5. 2008 2nd Place Cleveland Dew Tour
  6. 2008 Trick of the Week Quad Tailwhip
  7. 2008 2nd Place Portland OR Dew Tour
  8. 2008 2nd Place Salt Lake City Dew Tour
  9. 2008 2nd Place Asa Box Jump Contest Ohio
  1. 2007 2nd Place Ohio the Flow
  2. 2007 2nd Place Toronto Contest
  3. 2007 2nd Place X Air New Zealand
  4. 2007 Best Trick 1080 X Air New Zealand
  5. 2007 2nd Place Baltimore Dew Tour
  6. 2007 1st Place Portland OR
  7. 2007 Trick Of the Week for 1080
  8. 2nd Place Orlando Dew Tour
  9. 2nd Place Overall Dew Tour
  10. 2007 Trick of the Year For 1080
  1. 2006 1st Place Portland OR Free flow tour Dew Tour AM
  2. 2006 3rd Place Baco A Go Go Mesh Skatepark Orlando FL

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